tutorial; simple pashmina shawl tutorial

Ini bukan belog diva, ini bukan belog fashionista. Ini belog Dylla Fadzil laaaa, alaaa Dylla Fadzil yang hyper hyper clumsy tuuu =.=”” What a LAME INTRO. These few months banyak pulak keywords berbaur ‘SHAWL TUTORIAL’, ‘SATIN SHAWL TUTORIAL’, ‘SIMPLE SHAWL TUTORIAL’, ‘HANA TAJIMA’ and the list goes on. Tapi ada kah jawapan yang uolls cari tu bila sampai ke belog Dylla Fadzil ni? TAK ADA T_T Atas rasa bersalah yang menebal dalam diri *ecehceh* terasa seperti blogger yang loser, makanya, finally I’M GIVING YOU THE ANSWER for your penat lelah click belog DF dekat Google Search results.


Disclaimer; I recorded this video two months ago as requested by my friend, the owner of THE COTTON CANDY STATION. And it was for fun, just to share some knowledge and for my own collection. A lot of people have been complaining about me tak pakai neck cover etc because the don’t know who I am. But that’s okay, I’ll take all the good points out of those comments. PEACE!

And one more thing, macam Xiaxue cakap in her video, NO ONE PAKSA YOU TO WATCH and if you don’t like it, why are you still watching it and leave kurang ajar comments? Act as if you know every single thing and orang lain tak tahu. DUHHH =.=”” Wasting time huh? PEACE! 

Sorry suara slow, I didn’t use mic fyi. I speak Kedah and rojak, that’s me.



Thanks for 60 000 lebih views in two months time *quite a lot for nobody like me* and nice comments :D Another useless shawl tutorial is coming up soon, as requested by The Cotton Candy Station’s customers. INSYAALLAH :))


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Umie Artoqiemie said...

banyaknye view diaa.. nice tuto weh =)

Namee Roslan said...

cantik!! :D nnti nk cuba lah. terima kasih!


muke dah nak macam hana tajima dah. hehe

wawaney said...

satin2! ehehe

Pocket said...

cantik!! jiran dok kater nak pakai pashmina tp tak reti punya pasal,
trus tak terpakai.. muahahah:D

tutorial kamu berguna utk abang yg nak suruh adik nya pakai tudung :D

NOOR FATIN said...

pashmina mcm susah skit nak pakai. saya ada banyakkk pashmina. jarang sgt pakai :P

♥ LULU ♥ said...

nice....nk try la pashimina gak...
jom join cntest ni..adiah awesome!