hatin halim’s engagement

Exactly a week before the engagement, Hatin whatsapp-ed me to tell, ‘I’m getting engaged on this coming Sunday’ and I impulsively replied ‘the dayangs nak tema color apa ni?’. Well, the coversation tak la 100% macam tu, but at least you get what I mean kan. I was so excited with the news, obviously. Walaupun tak sempat nak tempah baju baru untuk tema dayangs (hah over mak noks). Sebab plan awal adalah majlis merisik sebenarnya. Benda baik, eloklah dipercepatkan kan :D

I feel honoured sebab dapat tolong my BFF untuk memberi pendapat (the best I could help dengan masa yang singkat), nasihat dan idea mengenai ceremony. What to wear, the ring, thing-to-do list, mental support etc. Most importantly….. ALL OF US did/tried/gave our best to help her out, equally. Mira sponsored the fondant cake untuk dulang hantaran ke pihak lelaki, Waney helped with the MS Word and printing and running errands, Kekzi with the mental supports dan pendapat bernas :D

Three days before the ceremony kalut set up group kat whatsapp utk discuss the dayangs nak pakai color apa. Konsep adalah, pakai yang mana ada sahaja asalkan sedondon. After discussions, perselisihan pendapat, making fun of each others’ opinions, we finally decided to wear red kurungs and black shawl, memandangkan itu sahaja yang semua orang ada.

Eventhough the engagement ceremony was planned in such a short period (seminggu jerrr, MAMPOO?), tapi Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.



Photo time!

Most of the photos are from OP aka Hatin’s fiancé and some are from Kekzi’s iPhone. Most of the photos are unedited, sebab lepas ceremony semua tazabar kalut nak raw photos fresh from camera =.=”

Looking for photographer for portraiture, corporate events, pre-wedding/post-wedding, solemnization, wedding reception, engagement ceremony, graduation etc?

Feel free to contact Farez Mohd for quotations. Very affordable, I can guarantee!



Group selfie sebelum rombongan meminang sampai.


Who says I am #foreveralone, huh Waney? I dah ada anak angkat ha, he’s cute and sepet, his name is Ryan! Okay, I kid you! Ryan is too cute to resist. Multi-lingual kid who knows Malay, English, Mandarin and a lil bit of French. I declare, he is my BIGGEST CRUSH, after 罗志祥 of course!




IMG_2861c IMG_2869c


“I think at whatever age I’ll be, I’ll still enjoy my girly time with my close girlfriends.”


All that matters! One step closer towards marriage, after 9 years of relationship.


Yayyyyyy! CONGRATULATIONS, dear BFF ❤❤❤




Ps; Of course, orang kuat disebalik majlis adalah keluarga Hatin, but this blog is mainly about yours truly (which include my family and friends), hence… nama and muka weols je lew banyak ;)



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safiyyah osman said...

Taniah hatin :).. uoll mmg superduper bff..

Lyeen De Syifa said...

alahai...awatnya comey sgt..:D
awk..awk..kt mn beli shawl tu? cntik sgt2..:D

Dylla Fadzil said...

@Lyeen De Syifa

Radiusite :)

Dylla Fadzil said...

@safiyyah osman

Hikssss. :) Alhamdulillah, harap friendship ni kekal ke akhir hayat walaupun kdg kdg ada gaduh gaduh manja, selisih pendapat and all hihi

Namee Roslan said...

9 tahun relationship !!! :O wow.tahniah untuk kawan ! :)