kekzi’s graduation

A day before Hatin’s engagement was Kekzi’s convocation day. Since everyone was in town to celebrate Hatin’s engagement, we got attend one of Kekzi’s big day :D Nice innit? #BFFs

Happy sangat sebab five of us were there to celebrate each other’s big day! Yay to our friendship! But of course, we do argue sometimes. Also, we like to annoy each other (LIKE A LOT, SERIOUSLY) and make fun of each other, but I guess that’s what makes our friendship grows stronger, day by day, for years now and yearsss to come Insyaallah. Alhamdulillah.



outdoor photoshoot


Hatin, Farez (the photographer/Hatin’s fiance) and I arrived before Kekzi keluar dari hall. That explains why the photos of us banyak gila hehe. Test shot kononnya. Teehee!

graduation photoshoot biotechnology AIMST


Presenting The Graduate of BSc Hons Biotechnology *drumrolllllll* Miss Aerzee Fathenee! Congratulations Kekzi! All of us are very proud of you.

现在 I can’t help but to terkenang kenang, two years ago, I was there to receive my scroll too! This place has taught me a lot! 二年了啦 Ohhhh HOW TIME FLIES! *teary eyes* *tissue please*

graduation convocation shot outdoor AIMST

Kekzi’s grandmom was so sporting and friendly, like Kekzi’s mom. Pertama kali jumpa, we already felt belonged.

graduation convocation photoshoot AIMST biotechnology 2 



BFF bestfriends photoshoot

We thought it was nice to have a shot or two like this. Turned out, matahari sangat terik we can’t even open our eyes. FOL!

But we had our fun, that’s what matters most.


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IT’S A WRAP! Till next time!


BFF shot photoshoot outdoor


. Like it? ♥‿♥


Namee Roslan said...

cantik nya gambar ! :D suka tengok !!tahniah untuk kak ziee :D comel tau dylla mcm korea. hehe

Hani Syahida ✿ said...

Gambar memang lawa! semua boleh frame gantung. *thums up*

btw, header blog ni cantik :)